Sunday, April 29, 2012

Animal House

She’s a kick ass new artist who isn’t afraid to color outside the lines. Her name is Margo.

Her EP Animal House is a colorful pop delight that leaks remnants of everything we loved about the 80s and then some. It’s available for free DOWNLOAD HERE. Try listening to it only once, I dare you. Drawing from a love of fashion, Margo not only raises the bar musically but also hand crafts her brand by designing her wardrobe piece by piece. 

Text by: IndieShuffle

Sounds like: Prince, Goldfrapp, Gwen Stefani, electronic, indie-pop, funk, 80s


Marina and the Diamonds

War of Nerves

Monday on the line...when you know that now's the time.... to leave and be free aware of your destiny. When that moment arrives wild visions through my mind and all I see is what used to be... my life could soon be a memory... Battle through this war of nerves when your life, it take's a turn and what I have is what I fear while in my mind your lying here...Fear, that unholy dread... there's a piece of me in all they said... all kinds of weird stuff inside my head...The stage fright in my own bed.... don't want to be like a voice without words 'cause I need you here with me....Don't want to be alone in this world....I don't ever want to feel pain want to be ready when you call my name...I don't ever want to feel fear 'cause every night feels alright when you're near...Will I surpress my fear?