Thursday, September 1, 2011


The sky hides what I wanna see stars are like eyes that watch in the dark
Passion and fear run all over me night is a ghost acusing my heart
This life can be such a lonely place I hear the laughter as I fall from grace
I fall from grace now I am branded with the original sin world without end
Like to go back to a simple life be as a child in the promised land
Wish I could sleep when night comes over me dreaming of flowers falling out of my hands
But I'm woken by the cries of an angry crowd against a man whose love could save me now
I'll drink the blood from your crown of pain and they'll call us insane


  1. Yes I discovered him few months ago, and I literally fall in love with his voice haha

  2. Yeahhh Jorge Ben is very popular in Brazil specially some decades ago, classic.