Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back to front

If I woke up in the mornin' and the world was back to front
There was sunshine in the evenin' and the moon came out for lunch
I wouldn't mind walkin' backwards with you at least we'd always know where we'd be goin' to
We could talk till we forget how to talk and we could learn to laugh again like when we were children
We could learn to dance again like nobody is watchin'
If everyone was gettin' young there'd be a smile on your face
If all the friends that passed away came back to this place
We'd be puttin' down the daisies drinkin' milk and feelin' lazy
There's no sense in any senses what's the use in independence?
We could play of the tears that came
We could walk till we forget how to walk
And cool till we forget anything at all
We could learn to look right into each others eyes 'cause we got nothin' to hide
Back to front, front to back
Will you come backwards with me?

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