Thursday, January 26, 2012

Too Late

I just want to take you away from everyone and keep you stashed under my pillow
And then I'd take you out simply for my own pleasure and wear you when the occasions special
Then I'd put you on like a diamond so I can sparkle and be the envy of my friends
I'd proudly hold the leash that I'd have you on so you can't stray and follow me around all day

Compulsion has stained me I'm nervously cradling our young love without known limits love 
Like a butterfly cupped in my hands I peek in to see beauty trapped confined it flutters
Then it leaves behind colorful dust to remind me of the special times we've spent
But of course it has to leave my clutch but enough's never enough to make a dent
And in time it will end and there really isn't hope for the two of us
But right now I give in…

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